Are you a feminist?

12 Jul

Wow, everyone. My post from yesterday, 77 reasons we still need feminism, is officially my most popular blog post of all time, less than 24 hours after posting it. Thank you so much.

I worked on that post for nearly a month before I posted it. I came up with more than 77 reasons, but I pared it down to that symbolic number. I was nervous to publish it, because it’s raw – “feminism” is still considered a dirty word, and feminist concerns are so often dismissed. But I heard from so many of you afterward about your own experiences; the post really seemed to strike a chord with the men and women who read it.

That’s why I want to expand the post. I want to include more information for aspiring feminists and put more faces on feminism. I’ve decided to create  a free e-book – a beautifully designed piece of multimedia to be shared and to unify. A piece of work to let other feminists know they aren’t alone. Something for non-feminists to read, to blow away misconceptions about what feminism is. Share this image on social media to spread the word!

I need your help.

If you consider yourself to be a feminist and want to be a part of this e-book, you can help out. Go to my post and pick a number (or a few!) you feel especially passionate about. (Or make up your own reason, if I don’t have the right one.)

Then visit my submission form and tell your story.

I’ll compile the stories into an e-book and post it here on my blog when it’s finished. I’m not looking to make any money from this, so it will be free to download and contain no advertisements.

Please share this project with anyone who might be interested, for the best collection possible!


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