Gotta love the clearance rack at the used book store

22 Apr

I visited Half Price Books in Westport (Kansas City, Mo.) and came away with great deals from the clearance section. If you’re in the Midwest or on the west coast, check out their stores – I always come away with more books than I planned on buying. (I don’t get anything if you click the link, by the way, I just really like their stores!)

For $1 each, I got:

1. The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort, first edition (1972). A classic. Evidently, it’s encyclopedia style. I’ve read the introduction so far – Dr. Comfort said he wrote his book for couples in love because only sex with a basis in emotion can be joyfully satisfying. I’m particularly interested in reading his advice on communication, to see if the advice has changed in the past 40 years.

I am also interested in comparing this edition to later editions – in the introduction, he calls sex one of the least dangerous activities a person can engage in, which was redacted in later editions, after HIV/AIDS became prevalent.

2. The Book of Sex – an illustrated reference book by the DK publishing company. I remember loving their illustrated guides to history and science when I was a kid, and I’m excited to see how they approach sex. The photos feature full nudity, which initially surprised me, but I’m glad to see a book about reproduction that doesn’t just have line drawings. It’s refreshing.

3. The “Go Ask Alice” Book of Answers: A guide to physical, mental, and emotional health. While this book was published in 1998, so it’s a little outdated, I purchased it to see how public health experts at Columbia University talk to teenagers and college students about health. CU is one of my dream graduate schools, too – I would loooooove to work on a Go Ask Alice project!

These books are a great addition to my growing library of books on health, sex and relationships, and gender studies. On that note, I need a new bookshelf – mine is already packed and sagging under the weight of all my books! Next stop: CraigsList!

Check back soon for my thoughts on these books!


One Response to “Gotta love the clearance rack at the used book store”

  1. Prose Ventures April 22, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    We had those book in my house as I was growing up. I pretty well was current on all the information well before sex ed in 7th grade! (I don’t know about the “Go Ask Alice” book, but I remember 2 large volumes.

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