Resolutions 2012

29 Dec

It’s resolution time again.

First, here’s what happened to last year’s resolutions:

1. Make choices that translate into weight loss

I didn’t get serious about this until August. I made very little progress for the first 8 months of the year. In fact, it was hard to find any photos to show here, as most photos didn’t show my whole face or using an extreme angle. My wake up call was in August, when someone showed me a photo they took of me straight-on, and I started to cry because I hated how I looked. It wasn’t their fault – I was (and am) overweight.

1 January 2011


22 December 2011

These are photos from the beginning and ending of the year – everything about my make-up is the same except for the eyeliner.

In August, I moved to a new place – away from a household that was a bad influence on my health. Of course, I know I have no one to blame by myself. However, it is a lot easier to be serious about health when the people around me are, too. In August, I started light dieting (yogurt for breakfast, a frozen weight-loss plan lunch, and relaxing for dinner) and light exercising (walking an extra mile a day, 5 days a week). For relatively little effort, I am happy with my progress – I lost 25 pounds from August 1 to December 10. (I have not measured since.) While my pants size is unfortunately not changed (I just need a belt, not new pants) I feel better, my skin is clearer, and my joints no longer hurt. I didn’t get a sinus infection this winter, and a couple of my old t-shirts fit again. This has motivated me to have a more specific resolution this year.

2. Express my opinions on my blog

Technically, I guess I did. Like six times. Obviously that is not the intention of the resolution, just the letter of the law. This one is not nearly the success that my other wishy-washy resolution was.

2012 Resolutions

1. Lose 5-10 pounds per month for 12 months.

If I lost just one pound per week from now until next New Year’s, I would wear a size 8 dress instead of a size 16 dress. I could wear a bikini, shop at the stores I like (for more than jewelry!), and feel great about myself. If I can lose two pounds per week, my birthday gift to myself in September will be a new wardrobe in Size 8.

So, my mini-resolutions:

– Do at least 20 minutes of working out at least three times per week. (I’ve picked Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as my work-out days, to keep it consistent.)

– Restrict eating fast food to no more than once per calendar week (Monday through Sunday.) No cheating and eating next week’s early. No saving up for eating it later.

– Continue with my light dieting of planned breakfasts and lunches. Add two non-relaxed nights per week.

I’m also going to start taking update photos of myself to see my progress. That will keep me motivated. To make this easier, my boyfriend has agreed to be my work-out buddy and try new healthy recipes with me.

2. Write once per week on my blog about issues I care about.

Adding a schedule to this goal will help me. If I write more than once a week, it doesn’t “save up” for the next week!

3. Become organized like a responsible adult.

My bedroom looks like my unpacking threw up on it. Which it kind of did. By New Year 2013, I plan to be spic-and-span in my living space.

That sums it up! What are your resolutions?



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