24 Feb

I vowed to talk about my opinions and thoughts on my blog, and it’s been a month since I have. I confess, I’m scared.

Scared because I don’t like being vulnerable. And when you put your thoughts and opinions on the table to an invisible audience, they can say anything. Anonymously.

I think anonymity is what’s breaking our society down. It’s easier to say something to your keyboard than to someone’s face. So we have internet trolls who just harass people online.

I also think everyone is longing for that connection. Here on campus, so many of our clubs are rooted around simply connecting with other people. We have clubs for connecting with the GLBT/allied community, religious communities, communities across cultures and communities of one particular culture.

My roommate planned a slam poetry night, and people got up in front of strangers and read their deepest feelings. Sometimes it’s easier to do that in front of strangers instead of friends. All the poems were beautiful, mostly in a sad way. Most of them were about broken connection – broken hearts, betrayal, loneliness. And everyone cheered for every poet.

I went to a brand new club a few nights ago, the Peace Club. People were there from four different schools, just seeking understanding with the world. The group of us sat around together and talked about the Egypt revolution and how social media is both a curse and blessing to communication. I was more contented than I ever have been with a club meeting – those were my people.

Even social media – though it makes it easy to act out in ways that you wouldn’t in person – comes down to connecting with others.

The peace journalism project I worked on last summer was about connection, too. It’s easier to communicate with your enemies once you realize they’re just like you.

I think that’s true in a lot of life though. It’s easier to connect when you realize that no one is really that different from you.


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