Senate to host third town hall event

5 Nov

Park Student Government Association is hosting their third biannual Town Hall meeting today at 12:30 p.m. in the McCoy Meeting House. The Town Hall meeting is an open forum event where students can address questions and concerns to a variety of Park University administrators, including representatives from Student Life, Residential Life, Dining Services, Campus Safety, and Financial Aid. Dr. Michael Droge will be presenting the opening remarks, as well as sitting on the panel.

“According to the Senate constitution [Article III, Segment D], it’s our purpose to act as a liaison between students and the administration,” said Jordan E. Korell, sophomore and president of PSGA. “This Town Hall meeting is just one way of fulfilling that promise to the students.”

Korell said Senate anticipates parking, smoking policy, and campus sustainability to be the big issues at this meeting. Students who wish for their question to be addressed can e-mail them to

Korell said the inbox will be checked throughout the meeting to assure that online audience members can participate. Students from all campuses are invited to attend either in person or on the web at . Korell emphasized any issue on any Park campus – not just issues solvable by Senate on the Parkville campus – will be considered at the meeting.

“If we don’t have an immediate answer or solution to your concern, in my opinion the best way to handle that is for us to help you get to the department that can help,” said Korell. “Your concern will be evaluated and change will be brought about. This is why we’re having Town Hall – not only so students can ask questions but it’s beneficial for faculty and administration to get feedback from the students about the work done every day and how it can be improved.”

Korell said the questions will be considered for Senate action, when applicable. She said one past action taken by Senate after a public event was installing lights near the Chestnut dormitory.

“I think it’s important for students to know that this event is where your voice will be heard louder than ever,” said Korell. “You’ll be face to face with important administrators that deal with the important matters in your daily college life. I think it’s important to stress that if you have a question or concern, you’re probably not the only one who feels that way.”

After the event, students will have the opportunity to voice their opinion on the event and PSGA in an online survey.


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